Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Forever Emerald Engagement Rings

Although there is no specific season for expressing the serious sentiments yet spring is considered a romantic time to say ‘I Love You’. Similarly, there are many gemstones to pick from but emeralds are one of the top choices for engagement rings because they express always young emotions that naturally make their way in the hearts of lovers. It is not only now that emerald engagement rings become a popular choice but since inception emeralds have been used as a center stone for rings. The world has many gorgeous and elite examples of emerald shine and we have picked only few of them to give you a glimpse of the elegance that an emerald rings brings when it is worn as an engagement ring.

# Queen Victoria’s serpent engagement ring


Emeralds were part of the royal history for many centuries but it was probably in 1840 when they became a choice for engagement ring. Queen Victoria in 1840 opted for an emerald headed snake like ring for her engagement with her beloved Prince Albert. Her serpent ring was a revolutionary design for an engagement ring of that era. The ring was an 18K yellow gold snake pattern coiled band which had an emerald (Queen’s birthstone) studded in the head of the snake with rubies set in the snake’s eye sockets and diamonds in the mouth and on the tail. The ring was a symbol of eternal and passionate love, forever faith and evergreen relationship. It was one of the most famous designs of Victorian era and it even has the significance in today’s time.

# Duchess of Windsor’s 19.77 carats engagement ring


Another royal lady who received an emerald engagement ring was Wallis Simpson, duchess of Windsor. On Oct 27, 1936 King Edward VIII proposed his future bride with a platinum ring. The ring was studded with a 19.77 carats prong set rectangular emerald bordered by brilliant diamonds. The ring had a massage engraved in the interior saying “We are now ours 27x36” where 27 stands for date, x for month and 36 for year of engagement.

# Jackie Kennedy’s Emerald and diamond ring


Jackie Kennedy was the most influential first lady in the history of America. She was famous for her style and elegance, and was also famous for wearing a not so similar diamond ring. Her exquisite engagement ring from J.F. Kennedy was a 2.84 carat emerald ring which also exhibited a 2.88 carat emerald cut diamond mounted next to the green beauty and then added with tapered baguettes. It was later reset and 1.46 carats marquise diamonds and 0.66 carats round diamonds were added to it.

# Halle Berry’s antique engagement ring


It wasn’t only in the old times when rings had secret symbols and signs. The trend is still live in the hearts and heads of lovers. One of the examples of this was seen when the Academy Award winner Halle Berry got engaged and showed off her emerald ring. The ring was designed after conducting an age old test. The 4 carat emerald in the ring was bought from the old mines of Muzo and was associated with a diamond on each side of it. It has some secret signs engraved which only the wearer could decode.

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