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happy monday blues my dear readers... hahahah sgt xmembantu kan... T_T

Okeh mari kita menghangatkan lagi suasana monday yg blues nie dengan another entry yang agak hot... huhuhu.. U guys remember my last entry (HERE) about designer yg ehem2 tu? ikutkan mcm da malas nak post pasal ni, tp kak jumie mintak respons kan so okaylah, rajinkan diri sendri untuk up-kan new post pasal issue nie... ;p haha.. FYI for those yg xtau, kak jumie pun ada post pasal issue ni (HERE).. syok tau baca blog kakjumie nie..kelakar! hehe..
After i posted the entry (HERE), mmg byk gile kot yg comment...ada yang agree dgn i, and ada yg xagree dgn i....and ada yg mangsa sendri yg comment okeh.. xpe kisah, cos bagi i everyone's entitled to their own opinion and views.. but to me, yg backup dia tu maybe bukan bride so dia xtau ape perasaan brides..yg tau nak backup je sbb kenalan/kawan dia... and ada jugak bukan kenalan that designer pun but they have a personal vendetta against me..hey i have IP tracker guys! hyeeee..! *wave hand* nice to meet UOLS!! :D

Okay sambung, so one day i received a comment from the designer himself... Quite shocked cos xsanka my post ni sampai ke dia jugak, well network dia kan agak besar..including frens from publishing companies and so on.... Here's his comment-> i print screen+paste sini...xde modification or watsoever... u guys can view the original comment (HERE)



Okay here's my response.. i tulis hentam je ni yer cos xreti nak compose ayat2 formal nie.. im not good at writing, so maybe point2 xkesampaian sgt..haha..pls forgive kalau xphm..


Dear Nik,

Thank you so much for your comment.Seriously tak sangka u berani untuk memohon maaf secara terbuka. It is very brave and very professional for you to stood up and make a public apology. I respect your action and hope others do too.. Maybe it is better if you post your public apology kat ur blog n facebook? Just my opinion..

If you ask me (if im ur past client) "Do you deserve a second chance?" My answer is NO... (sorry!). Because u dah menganiaya brides yg da menaruh harapan kat u untuk buat baju for their big day..because brides da bayar u untuk siapkan baju.. because they have to wait 4u in front of ur house berjam2 semata2 nak dptkan baju.. because dorang da laburkan duit dorang untuk dptkan dress untuk u (xkisah la kalau rate murah but it's still money).. because dorang STRESS dan menangis sbb tak dpt baju.. because dorang xpuas hati dgn outcome (yg mane sempat siap).. because u made them worry and terkejar sana-sini semata2 untuk carik baju ganti kat butik2 lain.. because they TRUST u and u dah menghampakan dorang.. i pun xnak explain lagi cos i cuma menyampaikan n mewakili mangsa2 je... i think u urself tau kan kesalahan u.. It is the past clients decision to maafkan u and bagi u second chance atau x... 
If yes, Alhamdulillah.. If no,i rest my case to you and ur past clients tu... maybe u shud make it up to them..


If you ask me "Do you deserve a second chance?" My answer, YES.. BUT, provided u have to prove to us first and make sure janji2 u kat atas tu ditunaikan... U have to gain our trust.. All of us (including me dulu) sgt takut nak hire sbb takut tak dpt baju, face problems, and all the dramas.. So it's still too early for me (and others) to give you a second chance. Since u mentioned u dah ada manager, i guess all should be in order now.. We are looking forward for good reviews from current+future clients and hoping no more dramas in the future. 

Anyways, all the best to you NIK ERWAN ROSELI..! Please make us believe that you're a good designer (you ARE before-based on ur works awal2 dulu). I do believe you can do it and hope u can maintain your credibility, professionalism, and your status as 5stars designers... 


 My dear readers and friends.. do you think we should give him a chance? What do you think? ;)

 p/s: another bad designer post coming up later on... tungguuu~~~


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