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Basics to buy pearl jewelry

Pearl jewelry symbolizes beauty, love and romance. It is the most thoughtful and meaningful gift you could give to your loved one. Pearl jewelry, be it pendant, necklace, earrings or rings, is the best way to express your eternal and deep love. It’s mystical and enduring beauty make it a prized possession for everyone.
Round Akoya Cultured Pearl and Diamond RingRound Akoya Cultured Pearl and Diamond Pendant
If you desire to gift her pearl jewelry but know about it as much as you know about rocket science then we can help you in getting the best piece of jewelry. Just check out some of the fundamentals about pearl jewelry and you could easily select perfect pearl jewelry that will surprise her and once again make her fall in love with you.
Pearls come in a variety of shapes, colors and overtone. Akoya pearls because of their brilliant luster and infinite versatility are considered the best variety. Along with Akoya pearls cultured fresh water pearls, Tahitian pearls and white or golden south sea pearls are other popular varieties for making pearl jewelry.
Round Black Tahitian Cultured Pearl and Diamond Fish-Hook Earrings
If she likes exceptional luster and natural colors like peach, white and lavender then cultured freshwater pearls can charm her. These are the best alternative to Akoya pearls and are best for your spouse’s contemporary looks.
For an array of colors like peacock, pistachio green or silver choose Tahitian pearls which are as unique and orient as she is for you. White or Golden South Sea pearls display a satiny luster thanks to their palest moonlight to molten gold colors.
All these varieties are further divided in five grades depending on the luster and surface inclusions. The more the pearl is lustrous the higher the grade is. Type of oyster, health of mother oyster, natural disasters and cultivation environment are some of the considerable factors that influence the quality of a pearl.
HANADAMA is the best grade of pearls. If a pearl radiates light with silvery-rose overtone and displays Orient, rainbow iridescences then it’s a HANADAMA grade pearl. The next grade is gem-quality pearl with less than 5% surface inclusions and sharp luster. Other grades are AA+, AA and A.
As of now you have received good enough knowledge about pearls and can go for pearl jewelry shopping for your beloved lady.

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