Thursday, 2 December 2010

Buds and Emil

Did you know that "Buds" real name is "Judy Ann Santos"? :-)

My atelier was still being renovated when Buds and Emil came to talk about their wedding. Judy Ann or Buds (her friends call her that! such a cute nickname) is one of my most relaxed, no-worry, easy-brides I've worked with; while Emil is a lawyer.

Design process: We revised the sketches 3 times! haha! The first one was a strapless gown with bias cut ruffles. The second one was one-shoulder lace bodice with intricate uneven chiffon and lace cut out details for the skirt. And finally, the third one was an embroidered bodice with frou-frou skirt made of hand sewn fabric cut-outs!

1st fitting: She didn't miss any fitting without her cute emerald green shoes! When she tried on the prototype, its kinda lose because she lost weight!

2nd fitting: When she tried on the base, omg! for some reasons, the base was too tight! we can't close the zipper! accckkk! (maybe the sewer tighten it so much) But instead of adjusting it, we both decided to just lower the back more! ;-) haha!

3rd fitting: actual fitting! hmmm.. the fitting is "almost perfect" except the gown is 1 inch tight! But Buds was very persistent and told me not to alter it anymore because she's very determined to lose more weight!

Wedding day: Voila! "the gown fits her like a glove!"

I also did the suit of Emil and the green flowy gowns of the entourage ;-)

It was my first time to visit Santiago, Isabela! I had fun! ;-)

Thank you to my dear friend Lex Librea for coming with me! Yes. He's the one in the YouTube video.

I had to sew the sheer cover up on the wedding day
because the back doesn't have closure/buttons! ;-)

green flowy gowns for her entourage

charcoal gray suit with black piping to match the black silk vest

cute couple!

I was inside the van when I saw this!

Photos by Jay Jay Lucas
for Imagine Nation Photography

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