Monday, 6 December 2010

a very inspiring letter

Hi Veejay!

Good day! It's been a year now since I started checking your wedding blog regularly. I am a fan of yours, your gowns are sooo beautiful. I would even imagine myself wearing one of your gowns..looking great and sexy in your gown (I'm overweight kasi..hehehe).

I really love your gowns! I'm always in awe everytime you have a new post and I can't help it but be jealous over your brides because I can't afford you anymore ='(..hehe..

I was so excited preparing for my wedding, and booked great suppliers. I even planned of setting an appointment with you before, but I started booking other suppliers first and has forgotten about my gown. then, we realized that we're already over our budget (sigh) and can't afford you anymore . I must say, I regreted not booking you first.

But anyways..ganun talaga ang buhay..but that won't stop me admiring you and your works! hehe..I will continue to visit your blog, and dream of you as my couturier..=)

keep up the good work Veejay! You're so talented, and very down to earth..hindi lumalaki ang ulo kahit sikat ka na. =) lalong paganda ng paganda mga gowns mo. =) I know lalo ka sisikat in the future..keep on inspiring young and talented designers. =)

Hope we'll meet someday..=) God Bless!


aabangan ko video mo sa youtube for next year's ms. universe. ;)



I just woke up when I read this letter and seriously, I cried because I was touched by it!

Thank you very very very much!

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