Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Most Popular Engagement Ring Styles

Engagement Rings are perhaps the most cherished jewelry that a girl wears. It is something that she would look each day for the rest of her life with fond memories. For something so important, you would definitely want to make it right. Below are some of the most popular and the most classic styles of engagement rings.    
Diamond Solitaire Engagement Rings  1.7-Carat-Diamond-Engagement-Ring-and-Wedding-Band-Set-in-14K-White-Gold_DRW17021_RegThere might be hundreds of stunning designs available in the market, but when it comes to engagement rings nothing comes even close to diamond solitaire engagement rings. Diamond solitaire rings are a classic when it comes to engagement rings, they have a timeless beauty and grace that no other piece of jewelry can match.
However, in diamond solitaire ring itself there is wide variety to choose from. The diamond shape, the setting type and the metal type that you choose can give your diamond ring a completely different identity and style. Round, oval and princess are the most popular of the shapes; prong and bezel are the most popular setting type; white gold, platinum and yellow gold are the most popular metal types.
Three stone Engagement Ring 2.3-Carat-Diamond-Engagement-Ring-and-Wedding-Band-Set-in-14K-White-Gold_DRW17139_RegAlso known as past, present and future ring; the ring is held symbolic of a couple’s time spent together. The ring is a beautiful combination of style and elegance. Three stone rings also come in a large array of deigns. A typical three stone ring would have all three stones diamonds, of same shape and preferably round. But then you can obviously play with the stone shape and setting to give it your personal touch. Another popular style of three stone rings has the center stone slightly larger than the other two. In this style the side stone can be different than the center stone, for example you can have the center stone as sapphire of ruby and diamond for the side stone.
Colored Gemstone Ring with Diamond Border
Another very popular style of engagement ring is one with colored gemstone at the center bordered with diamonds. One such famous engagement ring was that of Princess Diana. The ring had a huge oval blue sapphire at the center which was surrounded by 14 round diamonds. These types of rings have an inimitable grandeur to them. The big three, that is, ruby, sapphire and emerald are the most common choices for the center stones in such rings. These rings work great for people who like to have colors in their jewelry. A great stunner, the ring is sure to sweep your girl off her feet.

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