Wednesday, 4 January 2012

New Year Inspirations

I love Christmas and New Year with all the festivities and of course glitter :)

Here now, in Spain, we still have the 3 Kings to celebrate and I do find even after all these years of living here that this does rather drag on the Christmas holidays!  

However, bringing my youngest daughter up in a predominently Spanish environment we will be in Marbella tomorrow evening to welcome the 3 Kings and after this I can finally take down the Christmas tree and finish my manic weeks of shopping!

 I do love the clean fresh feeling that a New Year brings with all the resolutions, healthy living regimes that are put into action and just the cleansing process whether it be health, living, organising homes it is all about cleaning out the old year and in with the new.

For me personally this has meant a few things to me as 2011 was a year of change. 

My business has moved on so much in the past 4 years that I took a good hard look at where I wanted it to go and have made steps in the right direction to expand and change.  I did not want to become stale and moving on is always a good thing, sticking with what is safe is not progress.

This is a very exciting time for me and I am thrilled I have a very supportive team backing me all the way that are equally excited and very loyal as they can see the vision I have.  More will be announced in February as we finalise business plans and venture onwards.

I have also had personal issues that have had to be addressed, these are not the first but having always had a close family we have had to deal with the big C word again, this time with my beloved father and my technically sister in law.  I also lost a very dear friend this year very suddenly so it has been a festive but reflective time for me.

We are not unfamiliar with this as my dearest younger sister was diagnosed 5 years ago at the ripe old age of 39, two weeks before I had Twinks and thankfully has made a fabulous recovery. 

Life goes on and is to be thoroughly enjoyed but this year has certainly been a tough one for me dealing with many personal issues. 

I am taking the time out now to reflect and get to know our truly amazing couples we have this year, the stories I am hearing as I get to know them are truly inspirational and I cannot wait to create their dream days. 

It does rather put into perspective that everyone has tough bits and the celebrations we can create just mean so much to everyone involved and we cannot wait to share our dream days with our clients this year and will do everything possible to make sure they are extra special as always :)

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