Thursday, 5 January 2012

Sweaters for Men

It is difficult to find a sweater for your boyfriend and husband but have no idea where to start? No problem, I'm here to help. Sweaters can be an excellent fashion choice for almost any man give a distinguished and timeless look. Here are some of the most common types of men sweaters to enhance your look.

1. The Turtleneck - A sweater with a high neck will keep your neck and upper body warm. This type of sweater will make you look very cool. You can also match this with a suede jacket or a corduroy blazer as the outfit, which will make you extremely stylish.

2. The Crew-Neck - This is an all weather-style of sweater and you don't have to necessary wear this in the winter. You can wear thinner crew neck sweater in warmer months and thicker ones during winter. This type of sweater looks extremely good together with a cardigan.

3. The V-Neck - This type of sweater has a collar that shaped like a V. Hence the name V-Neck. It's a bit informal fashion choice. It's easy to match this type of sweater together with a good pair of jeans or pants.

4. Sweater Vest - It can be quite difficult to get this type of sweater to look good, and it's probably more suitable for those who are more well built. But nevertheless, this type of sweater will create a good combination with a pair dressy pants.

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